Lake Wales CRA Named Winner for Best Planning Studies in the 2020 FRA Awards

We are proud to announce that our project, Lake Wales Connected, is the 2020 winner of the Planning Studies category in the annual Florida Redevelopment Association Awards. We are incredibly grateful for this honor, and appreciate everyone whose dedication and hard work made this possible.

Over the years, Downtown and the Northwest Neighborhood began to experience challenges similar to those in many peer communities with jobs, activities and households moving to surrounding suburban areas. Vacant buildings and lots became prevalent. In recent years there has been recognition of the natural and built assets present in Lake Wales, and some current successes have been the return of events and activities. In addition, both areas are experiencing renewed interest from the private sector. The Lake Wales Connected plan builds upon this momentum and provides a strategy that builds upon the City’s legacy of quality design - using a community-based vision to direct future improvements, growth, preservation and economic vitality.

The Lake Wales Connected plan identifies a number of public and private investment opportunities, as well as a short and long-term action plan that includes large-scale improvements and smaller projects to incrementally reinvigorate the targeted core areas.

Each year, FRA accepts entries for the annual awards from its members in a variety of categories, ranging from annual reports to cultural enhancement. The entries are examined for effectiveness and completeness – including the narrative, supplemental material and compliance with the submittal instructions. A cross section of Florida redevelopment professionals, individuals and business organizations judge and rank all of the entries and select the winners.

Lake Wales Connected NW Cover
Lake Wales Connected Downtown Cover

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